Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Influenster VoxBox: March 2015

About three years ago, my friend Caroline and I signed for this website called Influenster, largely because we just like filling out surveys.

The way Influenster works is by having you fill out surveys and review products. If your survey answers match up to a consumer testing market, they'll send you a box of free samples to test out and review. Though they do encourage you to review the products, they also encourage you to give honest feedback. If you want to explore, you can check them out here.

Free stuff and filling out surveys are two of my favorite things, so singing up for this was a no-brainer. However, for three years my survey answers were always submitted too late to receive a VoxBox. UNTIL NOW.

I had totally forgotten about the box until it appeared magically at my doorstep this weekend. And let me tell you, I. Was. Pumped.

I have a bunch of feelings about the stuff they sent me. If you feel so inclined, see below:

1. Tide Pods with Febreeze (Botanical Rain)
I am in love. The pods cleaned my clothes, but better yet, they made my apartment smell AMAZING. Another review described it as a combination of the clean/cotton scent and a rain scent. But basically, my whole laundry room smelled like sunshine and rainbows. I've been going around smelling laundry all day since I finished the last load.

They're super easy to use - I just tossed one in the washer with my laundry. No need to mess with measuring detergent!

Verdict: LOVE. I might be willing to pay a little more for these than the liquid Tide detergent I usually buy. That's how good these smell

2. SkinFix Hand Repair Cream
To be honest, this stuff doesn't smell so great. It doesn't smell terrible, but its scent is definitely not its selling point. However, it did make my hands super soft. The lotion also didn't have the same gel-like consistency that so many other hardcore lotions do. And that was definitely a plus.

What it lacks in flowery scents, it makes up for in effectiveness. This made my hands so soft! | Skinfix Hand Repair Cream 2 Ounces

Verdict: Like. I'll use the rest of the free sample. I might pick up a full size bottle once they hit shelves.

3. Colgate Toothbrush with Whitening Pen 
The toothpaste they sent is the brand Kenny uses already, so we were  excited to get another full tube for free. It just has a little extra whitening power. The toothbrush itself was fine, but I wasn't a fan of the whitening gel pen that fit into the brush's handle. You're supposed to leave the gel on your teeth after using, and it made my teeth feel so gross. It was extremely visible, didn't seem to have any whitening effect, and left weird gunk on my teeth.

Verdict: Definitely not going to finish using the gel pen. Especially since it gets stored inside the brush without any sort of protective cover for the applicator. I'll probably at least finish using the toothpaste and brush though. 

4. John Frieda Hair Care
Meh. The shampoo and conditioner were just fine, though I need to use dandruff shampoo on a daily basis, so I won't be switching to these brands. The volumizer lengthened my morning routine so much I was late for work. It also made my hair feel heavy and coarse. And I just haven't used the salt spray. I don't have a particular desire to look like I just walked off the beach.

Verdict: I'll use these when I'm travelling, I guess. 

And, in case this wasn't evident from my blog post: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

**This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy one of the linked products, I'll receive a small commission.**


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