Sunday, March 1, 2015

Plato's Closet, I Love You

Since I had been jazzed up for new clothes from StitchFix but walked away empty-handed, I decided it was time for a long-overdue trip to my favorite clothing place in the world: Plato's Closet. I'm a sucker for a deal, guys. And I totally, not-at-all mind if a shirt or a pair of pants has already been worn. No problem. I will totally buy it for a discounted price, no sweat.

Though I did try on a lot of duds, I found a few pieces that I loved too! If you're willing to forgive me for the potato phone pictures and dressing room lighting, take a look:

The first was a dress that I loved, but the color and material were just wrong. You can't tell from the pic, but the upper panels with lime green. In the end, even though I loved the silhouette, it just felt too much like a costume.

The first shirt I tried on had such promise! It was pink, it looked like it could layer with a blazer and skirt really well, and it was only $3.00! And then I put it on.  Between the static cling and the 12 inch difference in hem length, this went straight to the no pile. 

My first success! I had pinned a shirt really similar to this one on my Pinterest board, hoping my StitchFix stylist would send something to me. But alas, she didn't. So I found one myself. I don't need you, stylist. I can find stuff on my OWN! I got especially pumped when I saw this Madewell shirt was originally $120. It still had the original tag with the original price! Guys, it was brand new. And I got it for $8.00!  EIGHT DOLLARS.

I loved this royal blue shirt on the hanger. It looked like the right style, and I adored the color. But it was too big and not flatteringly cut. With a sad face, I put it back on the rack. 

This last piece was an Abercrombie and Fitch draped cardigan. The A&F label almost turned me off, but once I got in on my body - oh. my. gosh. It is the softest sweater I've ever worn. It's like wearing a blanket. Except it's cute! And it's flattering! It hugs in the right places and hides in others. I seriously have not taken it off yet. I'm in love. And, it was only $10.00. 

I had been hoping to make StitchFix a regular part of this blog, but I'm thinking Plato's Closet might beat them out. Way cheaper, way more fun to hunt, and a way more fruitful. Take that, StitchFix!


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