Friday, June 5, 2015

Stitch Fix #3: June 2015

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Hello, again, everyone! Apparently Stitch Fix is becoming a regular staple in my life. It helps that you guys keep signing up for fixes yourselves! I'd love to hear how they're going - I hope you're having good experiences!

I have to say, when I saw the order summary for this month's box, I thought my stylist, Angie, must have bombed. A tab sleeve blouse with mesh? A jacket covered in zippers?? I thought Angie must be crazy. But she is not crazy, my friends. She is a genius. And my third box from Stitch Fix is close to flawless. I think I'm in love. (No one tell Kenny.) Tragically, my budget didn't allow me to keep everything, but trust me. If I could have kept it all, I definitely would have. Check out the pics below. Let me know if you think I made the right calls!

1. Analeigh Crochet Detail Dolman Knit Top - $48

I was initially surprised to see a Dolman blouse in my fix, since I left negative feedback for the Dolman shirt I got in my first fix. But Angie explained in her note that she thought this would go well with my thrifted coral skinny jeans - and she was right! 

But, even though I liked this blouse, it was the easiest one to send back. I'm not a huge fan of the Dolman cut because it tends to obliterate my arms and waist - the parts of my body that I like to show off! I will give this shirt bonus points for comfiness. 

And here is where I demonstrate how much fabric there is between the edge of the shirt and my waist:

Verdict: Returned

2. Elissa French Terry Striped Moto Jacket - $74

I never would have guessed that one of my favorite pieces in this fix would be a striped, terry-lined jacket covered in zippers, but...oh man. I have a serious crush on this jacket. Unfortunately, in the end, I couldn't justify the price.

Verdict: Returned 

3. Breyson Pleated Tab Sleeve Blouse - $58

You know how Angie totally gets me? Angie totally gets me. It was clear that she has scoured my Pinterest page and spent a lot of time picking out items for me. I mentioned in a few pins that I'm obsessed with coral right now, so this was a great pick on Angie's part. I really love this blouse (noticing a trend?) but I couldn't justify keeping two tab blouse, and I when I saw the other one...

Verdict: Returned (again, reluctantly)
4. Shanon Mesh Detail V-Neck Top - $68

My heart was stolen. Few things beat coral blouses in my book, but this royal blue blouse was wonderful. It is slightly fitted on the sides, so it defines my waist and body shape a little more. I was very skeptical about this piece when I saw it had mesh. MESH?? I do not wear MESH. Well, ya do now, Ellen. 

What really sealed the deal on this particular blouse for me was how well it dresses up. This can easily be a casual piece when paired with jeans, or an office top when paired with trousers (and my favorite gold pumps from my April thrifting trip!). 

Verdict: Kept!

5. Delora Hammered Leaf Earrings - $28

I asked Angie for a pair of dangly, gold earrings, and these were a perfect fit. When I saw pictures on Pinterest of these earrings in other people's fixes, and I was worried these would be cheap. But they are actually very well made. They feel very solid and substantial without being too heavy. I knew these were perfect from the moment I pulled them out of the box.

Verdict: Kept


1. Analeigh Crochet Detail Dolman Knit Top - $48: Returned
2. Elissa French Terry Striped Moto Jacket - $74: Returned
3. Breyson Pleated Tab Sleeve Blouse - $58: Returned
4. Shanon Mesh Detail V Neck Top - $68: Kept
5. Delora Hammered Leaf Earrings - $28: Kept

So what do you think? Did I send the right items back? What are your favorite pieces? Will you be pinning anything for your next fix? Let me know below! :)

Wait, What Is Stitch Fix?

Never heard of Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a stylist service that delivers hand-selected clothes straight to your door. When you sign up for a box, you fill out a style profile, request certain items and, if you choose to, share a Pinterest page full of styles you love. To complete your order, you pay a $20 styling fee, which covers shipping and can be applied to any items you want to keep from the box. 

Then a StitchFix stylist chooses five clothing or accessory items based on your info and sends them to you. You can chooses your preferred price range, but items generally run around $50-$55 per piece.

When the box arrives, you have three days to try on the items, pair them with other clothing in your wardrobe and decide which pieces you want to keep. You pay online for the things you keep and send back (free of charge) anything you don't want. And if you keep all five, you get a 25% discount! 

You choose how often you get a box (I've been doing about one box every two months), and there's no requirement that you schedule more than one box. You can start and stop at whim. 

If you'd like to try it out yourself, please consider signing up with my referral link:  (Affiliate links are included throughout this post


  1. Oh, i've never heard about Stitch Fix but i think is a good idea to try new clothes and stylism!
    PS: really really really love that jacket!!!
    Nisa, Couple of Cups :) xx

    1. Thanks! I love the jacket too - I can't wait to wear it out!!


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