Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DIY Office Makeover

Of all of the DIY projects and decorating efforts I've tackled in the past few months, my office is the one I'm most proud of. (I'm ending a sentence with a preposition. Roll with it.) 

When I started my job in July, I walked in to this:

Piles of junk, a collection of random furniture, dollies, and vacuums littered the floor. 

And worst of all, it smelled like feet. Awful, unwashed, uber stinky feet. The prospect of spending the next two years working here was not appealing. 

Because the office was being used for summer hall, I also didn't have full access to clean or redecorate the room until mid-August, a mere 48 hours before my student staff showed up.  

But I refused to be deterred! So after spending two days and $30 sprucing this place up, my office transformed from this: 

To this:

I spent most of my 48 hours cleaning out all of the junk. Once the trash was gone, I was able to move in and arrange a few of my own things. The light-wood bookshelf, the lamps, and picture frames all moved with me from my previous office and home. The perky little Ikea plant was left behind by the previous occupant.

I was also able to swap the ugly blue visitor chairs for red chairs that were living in the building's lounge. I added the yellow bird head, a student art project donated by an RA, to liven up the white-gray walls.

I also reorganized and labelled the bookshelf near the entrance.

All told, I was able to redecorate the office for only $29 - money I spent on DIY no-sew curtains (tutorial to come). It's amazing what some purging and rearranging can do for a room. 

Thanks for reading!

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